Suncil® Smart City

We support sustainable urban development by offering infrastructural solutions based on clean energy.

Smart City technology is therefore an integrated part of providing clean energy to cities and communities world-wide.

Our masts provide power for multiple Smart City solutions which can be integrated within the product. Integration of these components is only limited by power consumption. We offer a variety of solutions – from cloud management to CCTV cameras and air pollution sensors.

All solutions are tailored to the customer and project location's needs.
Every project is unique, and requires unique solutions.

Smart City solutions take solar lighting to a new level since the demand for Smart City development increases as more and more countries undergo urbanization. The high amount of people moving to big cities calls for new and smarter ways of organizing urban spaces.
Combining renewable street lighting with innovative technology that makes city living not just doable, but actually easier and healthier, will change the way governments, developers and architects think, plan and integrate street lighting.

Solar powered lighting is about more than going green, it is also about crea-ting safety and security for the community and, more broadly speaking, for the planet that we share.

Clean energy is an important building block for Smart Cities. Working together with us, it is possible to develop efficient and powerful lighting infrastructure.

Smart City solutions are being developed and implemented quickly. Street lighting has a significant role to play in this exciting space. Smart City solutions are not only the future of livability, but the future of street lighting too.