Suncil® Energy Solutions

We are not just offering lighting solutions, we are offering an integrated energy system, tailored to your specific needs for power.

We offer three power configurations - Stand Alone, Grid Connected and Hybrid - which enable us to assist all our customers on a much broader range of street lighting projects.

Our market leading control system manages the energy harvest, energy storage and energy dispatch as well as other functionality on the mast.

Power configurations are a prerequisite for any solar provider. Flexibility, customizability and dependability are key components of our energy solutions, when we assist customers on their street lighting projects.

By offering not only a Stand Alone solution, but also Hybrid and Grid Connected ones, we have the ability to add value to any project regardless of the specifications. This makes us a key provider for the global lighting market and enables us to tailor our solutions to the indivi-
dual customer.

The stand alone system is based on the plug and play principle. The mast merely needs to be installed on foundations on site and will be operating immediately.

The energy harvested from the photo- voltaic modules is fed directly into the grid. During the night, energy is taken from the grid to power the light and any other electronic components on the mast. The basic theory behind Grid Connected is that the system can assist the grid during busy daytime periods and then recharge power at night when electricity may be cheaper.

The Hybrid system is connected to the grid, but also has integrated battery storage. This enables maximum efficiency in the harvesting of energy and option for grid buffering. Distributed storage is often seen as an important element to the green energy transition and the Hybrid system provides the ideal infrastructure for this. The solution ensures 100% security for light in areas where unstable grid is an issue.