Sunniva Bollard®

Solar driven bollard.
Sunniva Bollard® is a solar driven bollard with vertical integrated solar panels - no grid, just light.

The Suniva Bollard® is our new solar bollard designed for urban centres, parks and residential areas. The solar panels are elegantly designed into the surface and create essential forms, pure and linear.

Thanks to the raised monolithic top with the black reflector, the product offers elevated visual comfort.

From the aesthetic to the mechanical design, every aspect has been studied in great detail. Every choice made, from the solar panels to the materials and the finishes, has contributed to rendering Sunniva Bollard® solid and reliable, as well as completely recyclable, satisfying environmental sustainability requirements demanded by an eco-design approach.

Stand alone solar powered LED bollard

Light in areas where cabling is not available or feasible

No cabling and excavation cost

Safe navigation in remote areas

Renewable outdoor lighting

Solar cells generate power during the day

Power is consumed during the night to light up the luminaries

Integration of sensor

CO2 neutral

Possible to integrate a variety of sensor based technology

Supports Control Management System

Controllable via mobile app or web-platform

Possible to integrate a variety of technologies