Suncil® Triangular

Solar column with vertically integrated cells.
Suncil® Triangular is a customizable aluminum solar mast, characterized by the vertically integrated photo-voltaic cells mounted on all three faces of the triangular surface of the column.

The mast's height ranges from 4 to 12 meters and has a simple, yet elegant design that Scandinavian lighting design is known for. Each column interacts through our cloud based system, Suncil® Cloud Solution.

Suncil® Triangular comes with tailored Smart City solutions, such as traffic sensors and cameras and is an ideal solar provider for larger street-, road- and highway projects as well as pedestrian areas.

It has three energy solutions; Stand Alone, Grid Connected and Hybrid, each with their own advantages, which can be applied to fit the specific needs of each location where the column is installed.

Customizable aluminum solar mast

Range 4 - 12 m height

Extruded aluminum profile

Operating temperature -25C… + 65C

The column can host sensors and a variety of add-ons

Standalone, Grid Connected and Hybrid

Poly/mono crystalline solutions