Energy Solutions

We offer three power configurations of our solar solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Your project can be completely independent or integrated into an existing grid.

Power configurations are a prerequiste for any solar provider, Suncil® included too. Flexibility, customizability and dependability are therefore key components of our energy solution when we assist customers on street lighting projects.

By offering not only a Stand Alone solution, but also Hybrid and Grid Connected, we have the ability to tap into any project regardless the specifications. This makes Suncil® a key provider for the global lighting market, tailoring our solutions to the individual customer.

The stand alone system is completely based on the plug and play principle. The only prerequisite is the prepared light pole standard foundation on site.

The energy harvested by the photo-voltaic modules is given to the grid. During the night, the energy is taken from the grid to power the electronic components within the mast.

Hybrid Integrated battery acts as buffer. The excess harvested energy is given to the grid. During the low sun season, the mast can conpensate for the missing energy by taking it from the grid.