Cloud Solution

The Suncil® solar column is controlled by our Cloud Solution, which connects and manages all columns from one user driven platform.

The key data on the street light performance is accessible through the cloud solution. The web platform’s intuitive interface allows easy light management. The dashboard provides monitoring, configuration and asset management.

The platform has been developed with sophisticated monitoring and control capabilities, to ensure that all components of the mast system operate at maximum efficiency - together.

It provides data collect services, real time control services, scheduling services, configuration and commissioning services, automation, alarming and reporting services.

The platform includes access by a mobile app and has open API capabilities. The solution is typically delivered as a cloud service, but can also be installed on a local server upon request.

Suncil®'s Gateway is the intelligent data bridge between the cloud and the masts. It can handle data for up to 255 masts. All data is communicated through a secure protocol via GSM or an ethernet solution.


Simple control & monitoring system

Light management

System health monitoring

Asset management

Change system settings

Automatic lamp fault reporting

View luminaire lifetime statistics

View metering & consumption data

Open API with easy integration to 3rd party GIS system and Smart City

the data journey:
1: Each column is connected through wireless signals. Each column is GPS located so that live and predictive weather data can feed into performance profiles. Energy transfer into and out of grid-connected and hybrid systems can be remotely monitored and controlled.

2: Information is transmitted through high speed 3G/4G technology to the gateway unit of a cluster of masts, and then through an internal Ethernet structure to each modular unit.

3: The platform is accessed through a powerful cloud-based web-server and can configure, control and moni-
tor all aspects of the performance of a project.

4: The information moves from the cloud to the management system, which can be accesed from a mobile app, through either a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer.