Suncil® Solar Power Management Technology

Optimized for flat panel solutions

Suncil®’s SPM Technology is designed for 12 and 24V battery systems. It is optimized for flat panel solutions which can handle up to 600W charging with a peaking efficiency at an impressive 98%.

The charger is a buck-converter with build-in MPPT. The controller can dim each of the 3 individual lamp/load outputs. The configuration is done from a server, and the built-in GPS and 6LoWPAN mesh-network makes it fast and easy to configure. Firmware updates can be performed remotely. The built-in battery-health intelligence insures an optimum charging and maintenance of the battery’s health. Different battery types and size requires individual charging profiles which the FPC controller handles automatically.

Intelligent Power & Battery Management for both 12V & 24V systems

GPS based Wireless 6LoWPAN interface

Maximum Power Point Tracking included

Up to 600W charge capacity

Management & Reporting of all key parameters