Suncil® Flat

Optimized for intelligence.
The Suncil® FPS (Flat Panel Solutions) are designed for the classic solar street light solutions but adding significant installation, user and life advantages.

Suncil® offers a top mount solar panel solution, angled optimum for the sun mounted on 8, 10 and 12 m steel columns, managing up to 160kh/h of windspeed. The columns can be delivered with single or double arm in various shapes pending on the light requirement.

The solar panel solutions range from 290-600Wp with monocrystalline cells integrated in an in-frame solutions that is adjustable to the angle of the sun.

The control system can manage up to 600WP of charging (MPPT) with an efficiency of up to 98%. It has a BMS (Battery Management System) integrated that can manage various battery technologies and works at 12 & 24V systems.

The control system has two outputs delivering up to 2x200W out with a 5Vpwm/1-10V dimming signal to fit power and driving signals for various luminaires.
Client has free choice of luminaire & brand.

The control system has GPS integrated for global positioning and calculation of Sun-up and Sun-down. All Data from luminaire, panels and batteries are monitored and reported through the wireless system to the Suncil® Cloud Solution.
With the Suncil® Cloud Solution it is possible to monitor all key parameters on solar panel, luminaire and battery. Status reports and alarms on the system health, cleaning recommendations and more, can be set up as direct e-mail to the responsible FM team.

Suncil® offers an in-ground battery solution with a IP68 battery chamber, to be integrated in the foundation or beside the solution.

Customizable solar columns

Range 8 - 12m

PV power from 290-600Wp

Adjustable panel angle to the sun

Battery solutions

Up to 600W charging with 98% system efficiency

Up to 240W output and dimming options

Cloud base monitoring & control