Solar powered luminaire.
Poli-Sun is a sustainable 4 in 1 solar driven luminaire from Suncil®. It contributes to transforming urban spaces into sustainable, comfortable, recognizable and identifiable places.

Poli-Sun is a design cooperation between Cariboni Group and Suncil® Technology. The luminaire is designed by Cariboni Group and integrated with solar technology from Suncil®.

Poli in Greek means “city” and it is for the cities that we have created it. Poli-Sun is for a city where people are more important than things: a city where people walk, stop and meet each other. A city designed not only with respect for regulations, but also for environment and citizens. A city where services are more important than building, quality matters more than efficiency and community well-being is worth more than individual convenience.

Stand alone solar powered LED luminaries

Solar, light, battery and grid tie – 4 in 1 solution

5 asymmetrical optics solutions

Up to 12.400 lumens output

Battery internal and external optional

Integration of sensor and Smart City functions

Intelligent Control Management System

Light in areas where cabling is not available or feasible

No need for cabling and excavation cost

30Wp panel including 12 pcs. Cutted mono crystalline solar cells with anti-reflectioncoating that converts the maximum of light into energy. The structured glass surface reduces reflection, resists wind and snow weather conditions.

Integrated Battery
240Wh, 3000 cycles LiFePO4 battery or optional with external battery connection up to 3450Wh.

A PIR motion sensor can be installed for energy saving and enabling light when people are present with a 4x4m coverage.
The controller maximizes the energy available from the solar panel and uses the energy to charge a battery. During the daytime the controller monitors the charged energy and handles charge up to 30W. When it gets dark the unit has counted the charged energy from the whole day. This energy is then used to light after sunset controlling the LED with up to 24W.
The controller has an wireless access and can be connected to the SCADA system either through a gateway or GSM solution.

The luminaire can be connected to the grid as a hybrid solution, ensuring light at all times.
Visual comfort
Poli-Sun contributes to transforming urban spaces into comfortable, recognizable and identifiable places.

Thanks to the slight recessing of the optical surface, the product offers elevated visual comfort. The application of a decorative upper cover, with customizable colours, allows to further hide the light source from the view of the observer.

The reduced contrast of luminance guarantees a high visual well-being without altering the performance and the photometry of the product.