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Solar Luminaires and Columns

Suncil® Triangular

Suncil® Triangular is a customizable aluminium solar mast characterized by vertically integrated photovoltaic cells mounted on all three faces of the triangular profile.

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Asima® Sun

Asima® Sun is one of Suncil®’s most innovative and aesthetic beautiful looking luminaries. It creates a warm glow suitable for parks, building entrances and waiting places for public transport.

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Asima® Bollard®

Asima® Bollard® is the classic looking luminaries in the Asima® series. It is available with or without gold band which is placed in the middle of the luminaries for a personal and exclusive look.

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Solar Solutions

Suncil® Energy Solutions

Suncil® offers three power configurations of our solar solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Your project can be completely independent or integrated into an existing grid.

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Suncil® Smart City

Suncil® supports sustainable urban development by offering infrastructural solutions based on clean energy. Smart City technology is therefore an integrated part of providing clean energy to cities and communities world-wide.

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Suncil® Cloud Solution

The Suncil® SCADA platform is developed with monitoring and control capabilities to ensure that all components of the mast system operate at maximum efficiency.

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