Who we are
and what we do

Solar energy is the key to a better future.
We create local energy and solar powered lighting.
No cables, no grid!

Suncil® is born out of the notion that we have a responsibility to deliver greener, safer and smarter energy solutions to future generations, in order to secure a sustainable world.

We believe climate change is the key global challenge of our times. Therefore we need real, affordable, resilient, clean energy solutions for every part of our planet.

Our vision is to harvest renewable energy sources over the lifetime of our products, building an intelligent infrastructure that works with, not against, the natural world.

Our technologies are based on renewable energy sources, which is a cost-efficient platform for Smart City applications, that brings environmental benefits and energy for generations to come. By being independent from the grid, the applications improve the energy security.

We have designed and developed our cloud based control and monitoring platform for the efficient management of our columns and luminaires.
The Suncil® remote control and monitoring platform has been developed to address the sophisticated capabilities of the system, and to ensure that all components of our columns and products operate at maximum efficiency.

In 2008, we launched the first standalone solar powered luminaire – Asima® Sun. Equipped with high performance optics as well as incorporated smart controller and battery, it ensures light throughout the night, regardless of the previous days' weather conditions.

We combine innovative lighting technology with aesthetically pleasing product design. We aim for the best possible solutions – for both our customers and for our planet.

Our history


Asima® concept created by Danish designer Morten Lyhne

250 units installed in Cannes, France

Pilot project for COP15 in Copenhagen

Asima® Sun introduced at Light and Building, Frankfurt

First dev. Phase with demo units for DK & UK

have been mounted
on several
locations in Denmark

Sun Mast certified,
patent filed

Sun Mast presented at Light and Building, Frankfurt

Asima® is at DOLL, Europe’s largest outdoor lighting

263 columns installed in Abu Dhabi

136 columns installed in Riyad

Monopole 3.0 and new
columns launched

Rights bought for Asima® series

Asima® Bollard®
presented at Light Middle East, Dubai

New Suncil® Triangular launched at Light Middle East, Dubai

850 columns
installed in Dubai Sport City

Asima® products installed in Ministry of Infrastructure Development

Asima® and Suncil®
Triangular installed in MOID, UAE

Installing 420 new columns in MENA Region