Suncil in the Top 5 of Smart Energy Startups Impacting Smart Cities!

Startus Insights Innovators Guide has picked us as one of the top 5 Smart Energy Startups, out of 396 possible businesses. This is obviously very exciting news and it shows us that we are visible and stand out, in a field with tough competition.

“Street lightning equipped with solar panels allows utilizing renewable energy sources for Smart City needs. Street lighting can also power itself from a grid (e.g. in case of cloudy weather) and supply Smart City streets with WIFI and environmental monitoring. This is made possible by sensors that can monitor the air condition and are built-in light sources. Danish startup Suncil develops Triangular – a column designed in a triangular shape along with vertically integrated solar panels. A large area of the column is covered with solar panels that enable renewable energy generation for Smart City needs. Triangular is suitable for the lightning of streets, roads, and highways.”