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Solar luminaires, columns and panels

Suncil® Triangular

Solar column with vertically integrated cells.
Suncil® Triangular is a customizable aluminum solar mast, characterized by the vertically integrated photo-voltaic cells mounted on all three faces of the triangular surface of the column.

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Asima® Sun

Fully integrated solar powered luminaire.
Asima® Sun is one of our most innovative and aesthetic beautiful looking luminaires. It creates a warm glow, suitable for parks, building entrances and waiting places for public transport.

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Asima® Bollard®

Fully integrated solar powered bollard.
Asima® Bollard® is the classic looking luminaire in the Asima® series and is similar in design to the Asima® Sun. The height of the bollard differentiates and so does the options for usage and installation.

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Suncil® Solar Power Management Technology

Optimized for flat panel solutions.
Suncil®’s SPM Technology is designed for 12 and 24V battery systems. It is optimized for flat panel solutions which can handle up to 600W charging with a peaking efficiency at an impressive 98%.

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New product release

Alongside the Light + Building exhibition in March, we will launch our newest luminaire. Stay tuned!

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Solar Solutions

Suncil® Energy Solutions

We offer three power configurations - Stand Alone, Grid Connected and Hybrid - which enable us to assist all our customers on a much broader range of street lighting projects.

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Suncil® Smart City

We support sustainable urban development by offering infrastructure solutions based on clean energy.

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Suncil® Cloud Solution

The Suncil® solar columns are controlled by our Cloud Solution, which connects and manages all columns from one user driven platform.

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