IDA Sustainability Caravan

A night about sustainability

Suncil® have the courage to share their knowledge and knowhow. That is sustainability to me!

IDA Sustainability Caravan participant

A big thank you to IDA for organizing the sustainability event at our office this monday, and a big thank you to our participants.

We had a great night of dialogue, where topics like production, exploiting the solar power and recycling were in focus, with great feedback from all parties, that we can build on in the future.

We enjoyed inviting interested parties into our production facilities, and showing what we do, as well as discussing the challenges we face in the industry, and when working with the sustainable world goals.

The feedback from the event was especially important to us. As a start-up we understand the importance of dialogue and learning from input from others. If the chance for an event like this turns up in the future, we will definitely jump at the chance once again.
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